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Frequently Asked Questions

Los Angeles International (LAX), Orange Counties John Way (SNA), Long Beach Airport (LGB), San Pedro and Long Beach Cruise Terminals and San Pedro and Long Beach Catalina Express Terminals, Hotel to Hotel, Hotel to theme parks and more!

  1. What are your hours of operation?
    Service is available 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year. To better assist you, a representative is available at all times.

  2. What type of cancellation policy do you have?
    Airport Shuttle transfers have a 12 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations within 12 hours will be charged the one way fare.

  3. When our flight arrives, how do we find the driver?
    We monitor all flight arrivals for timely pick-ups. Once you arrive, gather all of your luggage. Once you have all luggage, call toll free 1-888-995-7433, option 2 for dispatch. You will be provided a van # and told where to stand to meet your driver. If you travel with a cell phone, check your phone for a text message once your flight has landed. Simply gather all your luggage and click our READY TO GO link. Dispatch will alert you back with a van number and inform you where to stand to meet your driver.

  4. What types of vehicles do you offer?
    9 passenger vans, Towncar Sedans, Limousines of all types and sizes, 24 passenger mini-coaches, plus 47 to 55 passenger full size coaches. View our fleet…Click Here!

  5. How long have you been in business?
    Karmel Shuttle Service, Inc has been operating since 1996. Our Bus division, Southern California Coach, was acquired in 2001. Our Tours division, Extreme Tours, was established in 2015

  6. Do you provide Child Restraint Seats (car seats or booster)
    Please be aware that we DO NOT supply child restraint/safety seats as there are several types and designs of child restraint/safety seats that are specifically designed to meet each child’s age, weight and height variables. We strongly recommend that you supply an approved child restraint/safety seat for your child if your child is under the minimum age/height standards set by State of California’s Child Passenger Safety Seat Law. Although it is not mandatory that a child safety seat is supplied, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian traveling with the child to make sure that the child is transported safely. We do strongly recommend that you bring one for each child in your party that does not meet the minimum law requirements.

  7. Do you offer Travel Agent or Hotel commissions?
    Yes, we offer 10% commission. Your agency must qualify for Commission. If you do not qualify for commission we offer a "DISCOUNTED NET" rate as well. You charge your client directly and we charge your agency the discounted rate. For information about setting up an account, please contact info@karmel.com and request to be set up on commission.

  8. What are your Service types?
    Shared Van service is designed to save money by sharing the van with other passengers.
    Private Van service is private to your party only. Whether you have 1 person or up to 9 people, the van is not shared with others
    Private Town Car, Limousine and bus services are all private

  9. In order to maximize the number of passengers in a van, most shuttle companies loop and loop and loop the airport looking for additional passengers. Does Karmel Shuttle loop the airport?
    No, we are a reservation service only. We are committed to getting our passengers to their final destination in the most time effective manner. Should the van be required to loop the airport it will be due to traffic congestion, missed passenger curbside, or for other passengers waiting for shared van service. We do not loop the airport looking to fill the van.

  10. How far in advance is the pick-up time scheduled for passengers going to the airport?
    3 hours before departure for domestic flights & 4 hours before departure for international flights. Distance to the airport will have a variable on our computer generated pick-up times.

  11. Are you licensed & insured?
    Yes, we are in full compliance with all state regulations for licensing & insurance.

  12. How does payment work?
    Clients may pay by cash or credit card. If paying by cash a credit card # is necessary to hold the reservation. Agencies may pay using a credit card or by direct billing. In order to be billed, a credit application must be approved and on file.

  13. Where are your services located?
    We service all of Southern California. (call our customer service representative for airport quotes) Service for San Diego is to/from San Diego and the LA/Orange county area only.

  14. Do you offer point to point service, not just airport transfers?
    Yes, we offer all ground transportation needs to sporting events, entertainment venues, tours & Attractions, weddings, Convention Shuttle Service, Employee Parking Lot Shuttle and more!.

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