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Karmel Shuttle Service operates with many Owner-Operators (IC’s) to form our driving team. An IC, has a vested interest in our business, which leads to a higher level of service than the typical “employee” driver. Largely due to the pride-of-ownership that goes along with being an IC. IC’s are similar to a fast food restaurant chain who franchises their business to individual owners. These owners are required to adhere to company policies, procedures, menu items, etc…just like a franchise owner, our driver’s own their own shuttle van, include our corporate logo and name on their van and understand the importance of taking care of the van and keeping it clean since they actually “own” the vehicle.

IC’s have the complete support of Karmel Shuttle Service’s staff and facility. A new IC goes through a driver training program and quickly becomes an expert in airport transfers and customer service.

IC’s prefer Karmel Shuttle Service over industry competitors for many reasons. Most important is profitability. Some of our most successful IC’s have been with our company for over 12 years.

Own your own business today and become an Owner Operator with Karmel Shuttle Service. A small investment is required to become an Owner-Operator and a consistently good income is available to those who enjoy people and driving.

For additional information or to become an IC, please contact Sal at 1-888-995-7433.

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