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Ground Transfer Instructions!

Karmel Shuttle Service, Inc.

  1. Confirm your reservations a minimum of 48hrs prior to service.
    There is only one way for you to know your reservations are correct. We strongly urge you to confirm your reservations 48 hours prior to service!
    • Confirm your reservations by phone! Call toll free 1-888-995-7433 or 1-714-670-3480
    • Confirm your reservations ONLINE! here!. Enter your confirmation number or travel agent issued booking number.
  2. Flight Arrival Instructions!
    • Upon flight arrival, gather all luggage, then call toll free from any payphone or using your cell phone 1-888-995-7433. (money is not required to use a payphone with our toll free #) Local number is 714-670-3480 *** YOU MUST CALL US FOR PICK-UP
    • Provide your last name or confirmation number.
    • Dispatch will instruct you where to stand and what vehicle # will be pulling up for you.
    • Last minute flight changes, flight cancellations, missed connecting flights etc…which cause you to miss or change your original flight, MUST be phoned into our office immediately. If we do not hear from you regarding flight changes, a driver will be scheduled for your original flight and you will be considered a NO SHOW and full charges will apply for that service.
  3. Cruise Ship Arrival Instructions!
    • Upon cruise ship arrival, gather all luggage and clear customs.
    • Locate a pay phone or using your cell phone call toll free 1-888-995-7433, provide your last name or confirmation number
    • Dispatch will instruct you where to stand and what vehicle # will be pulling up for you.
    • Cruise Ship pick-ups are scheduled for 9:30am. Should you be later than 9:30-10:00am you MUST call 1-888-995-7433 to inform us of your delay. No phone call to us to inform us of your delay will result in a NO SHOW and full charges will apply.
  4. Hotel Departure Instructions!
    • Here's how you should think about your hotel or residence pickup:
      If your pickup is at 4:00pm, then you should be ready to go at 3:45pm, because we'll pick you up from 15 minutes before your reservation, until 15 minutes after your reservation time. In other words, there is a half hour window within which we'll pick you up. This makes sense if you think about the other pickups we're making throughout the day, either before you or after you, and the little delays that we of course have no control over.

Reservation changes – Changes to an existing reservation MUST be made 24 hours prior to scheduled service time by calling 1-888-995-7433 or 714-670-3480. Within 24 hours we cannot guarantee your change can be made.

Flight changes must be phoned into our office. Within 12 hours of service may not be able to be accommodated and are based on availability only.

CancellationsMUST be made 12 hours or more prior to scheduled service time. call 1-888-995-7433 or 714-670-3480. Cancellations within 12 hours of service will be charged for service.

Cancel online at


A la llegada del vuelo, inmediatamente recoger todo el equipaje y luego llame gratis desde cualquier teléfono público o usando su teléfono celular al 1-888-995-7433. (no se requiere dinero para usar un teléfono público con nuestro peaje libre #) Proporcionar su número de confirmación o el apellido en la reserva. Despacho le instruirá dónde pararse y qué vehículo # va estar tirando hacia arriba para ti.

Una vez que se llama, el tiempo de espera para su conductor puede variar desde 5 minutos a 30 minutos dependiendo del tráfico, seguridad, clima o vuelo retrasos en aeropuerto.

¿Problemas de equipaje o costumbres? Si usted se retrasó por más de 1 hora para vuelos domésticos o 2 horas para vuelos internacionales se debe llamar de equipaje reclamar nos informen de estos retrasos

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