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Public Utilities Commission License (P.U.C.): California PUC License Number: PSC9985 and TCP9985P. A P.U.C. license is required by the State of California. Any company transporting passengers within California that does not have a P.U.C. license is operating illegally, and therefore, breaking the law. The P.U.C. license protects you, as our customer. If you are utilizing the services of an unlicensed transportation company, you may be liable in the case of an accident. A P.U.C. License ensures that a company has, as a minimum, at least $750,000 in vehicle liability insurance and has workers compensation insurance. Karmel Shuttle carries a minimum of 1.5 million dollars in coverage. With Karmel Shuttle Service and Southern California Coach as your vendor, you are protected. There are many illegal passenger transportation companies operating in California, especially, within the Southern California area. As a safeguard, you should call the local P.U.C. office at (213) 576-7100 and verify the licensing status of your current or potential vendors.


If you are a client of Karmel Shuttle Service Inc. & Southern California Coach, Inc. and wish to obtain a certificate of insurance listing your company as additional insured, please send an email to marc@karmel.com. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .